Work Stress Expert, Trainer, Speaker and Consultant

Matt Adams is a Work Stress and Work Anxiety Expert, Health-Hacker, Keynote Speaker, Stress Management Trainer and Consultant.

After finishing school Matt went on to University to complete an IT degree, but after a year working in the IT industry and inspired by the books on personal development, sales, marketing and business he started reading while at University, decided to get into real estate sales.

After quick success selling properties, within 11 months Matt was promoted to Sales Manager, managing a team of 6 sales people. 4 months later he was promoted to Sales Manager of a second office.

At 24, managing two real estate sales teams, running sales meetings, hiring and mentoring new salespeople, listing and selling properties, buying his first house and a new car, signs of stress started to appear.

Taking no time off and running on adrenaline for another 3 months, he finally crashed.

He resigned within 48 hours due to intense stress and burnout.

But this was just the beginning of his problems with stress.

Work Stress And Anxiety

Matt refers to the work related stress he experienced during his time in real estate in 2001-2002 as ‘Stage 1’.

About 8 months after leaving real estate he was forced to resign from a second job due to stress and work related anxiety.

The severity of the stress suffered while in real estate didn’t just disappear, as the stress symptoms now followed him to this next job.

It wasn’t until 3 years later that Matt suffered from what he now refers to as ‘Stage 2 Stress’.

Health, Fitness And Well-Being

As a result of Matt’s experiences with work related stress and work related anxiety he’s been forced to develop himself in the areas of health, fitness and well-being, in addition to the mind and emotional health.

Despite the severity of the stress and anxiety Matt has suffered, he’s never taken any pharmaceutical drugs, visited a doctor seeking relief or treatment or even read a book on the topic of stress or anxiety.

Instead, he either found or created his own mind techniques and physical solutions to shift the way his mind, body and emotions reacted to work related stress and anxiety.

He’s equipped himself with an array of tools or “health hacks” that he calls upon as needed to go from feelings of stress and anxiety to peace, calm and strength.

Discover more about Matt’s health journey, his gym training and strategies for dealing with work related stress and anxiety.

Corporate Stress Management Training, Programs And Workshops

Matt offers world class Corporate Stress Management Training for organizations wanting to stay ahead of the game by taking responsibility for employee health and wellness.

Stress is just one aspect of mental health in the workplace that employers need to be aware of in order to provide a healthy environment for staff and prevent serious issues from arising.

Major workplace mental health issues include not just stress, but anxiety, depression, various disorders and can even lead to physical diseases.

As occurrences of workplace mental health increase in the future, so to will long term stress leave, mental health leave and even lawsuits by employees that have suffered undue mental or physical health issues at work.

Employers can no longer ignore stress and the associated mental and physical health issues it creates.

Matt’s 15 years of first-hand experience with work stress and work related anxiety and his 10 month self-rehabilitation have given him a unique edge.

He’s developed a mental health ‘tool-belt’ of over 50 stress reduction techniques to decrease or eliminate feelings and symptoms of work stress and work related anxiety.

These techniques can reduce or eliminate stress and anxiety feelings in as little as 60 seconds.

He teaches these techniques as part of his 3-module corporate stress management training courses.

Keynote Speaking

If you’re looking for a passionate stress management keynote speaker or work related anxiety speaker for your next event, function or conference, Matt Adams delivers powerful presentations with belief and conviction.

With real-world, hands-on experience of suffering from work stress and work related anxiety and his self-rehabilitation without the need for doctors, medication or therapists, Matt draws on his experiences to deliver authentic work stress keynote presentations from the heart.

If you’d like your audience highly engaged mentally, physically and emotionally throughout, Matt’s presentations will hit the mark as he delivers his real life story of suffering from work stress and work related anxiety, and his subsequent journey to self-healing.

Your audience will walk away with practical stress reduction techniques they can implement for immediate results to eliminate stress symptoms, anxiety and negative feelings in as little as 60 seconds.

With stress being just one aspect of a wider growing awareness of mental health, Matt’s techniques extend beyond stress and anxiety and can be used for various mental, physical and emotional issues.

Hiring Matt as your work stress keynote speaker will add value to your conference, your audience and your brand.


Are you a high performing entrepreneur, business owner or corporate employee suffering from work related stress or anxiety that you feel is preventing you from being effective or perhaps reaching your full potential?

Having a stress management coach is the smart way to leverage your time, feel better faster and manage stress and health over the long term as your business and work responsibilities increase.

You don’t have time for everything. I get it.

You’ve grown your business or you’ve climbed the corporate ladder, and now you don’t just want to stay there, you want to achieve even more.

Along with growing responsibilities and increasing self-expectations, comes pressure, and with pressure comes stress.

It’s a growing problem faced by entrepreneurs, corporate employees and high performers wanting to achieve more and be more.

The time it takes to figure it all out yourself, and suffering in the meantime, it could be too late. You could lose your business, your job, your edge and your health.

Get on top of stress before it gets on top of you.

Matt Adams is a top stress management coach and one of the few who’s dealt with severe work stress and work related anxiety first-hand and beaten it.

All without doctors, medication or therapists. 100% self-healing.

He’s either found or developed his own stress management techniques that can shift symptoms, feelings and sensations of stress and anxiety in as little as 60 seconds.

He now has a mental health ‘tool-belt’ over of 50 techniques that he calls upon at any given moment to reduce or eliminate feelings of stress or work related anxiety.


Matt is currently writing his first book about his journey with work stress, work related anxiety, his life-changing panic attack and his self-rehabilitation back to mental, physical and emotional strength.

His story begins in May 2002 when he started to notice (but didn’t recognize or admit to) signs of stress while working as a Sales Manager of two real estate offices in Brisbane, Australia.

From stress to burnout to resignation, then anxiety to panic attack and a 10 month self-rehabilitation, Matt’s journey to healing has given him a unique edge in noticing subtle patterns in the mind, body and emotions.

From this he was able to develop his own stress and anxiety reduction techniques or adjust other existing techniques for change and shift the negative feelings, symptoms and sensations of stress and anxiety.

This has given him a sense of freedom that was unimaginable in 2002.

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