Welcome to my blog where I’ll be providing information, thoughts, ideas and techniques on stress management, work related anxiety and general self-improvement.

My goal is to provide information that can help you improve and change your life in some way for the better. Perfection isn’t possible, but consistent improvement and committing yourself to a life of health, happiness, well being and positivity is.

If you’ve read my Bio page you’d know the challenges I had to endure to overcome work stress, burnout and eventually beat anxiety to just get back a point of feeling normal.

I’m constantly thinking, feeling, analysing and experimenting with new ways of doing things and adjusting my daily habits that make up my life so that I can improve myself and grow.

My desire to learn and improve means I make mistakes faster, so that I can move forward faster too.

There’s no end goal, aside from creating ongoing happiness. It’s the continual learning and developing that adds a layer of richness to life that can’t be experienced by any other means other than trial and error.

And sharing things I learn provides me with a feeling of fulfillment knowing that I’m helping others in some way.

I look forward to sharing information and ideas with you and look forward to any constructive criticism you may have for me 🙂