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Matt is a contributing Author to a #1 Best-Selling book on Amazon: ‘Activate Your Life’ (Volume III) – which features 23 expert coaches sharing their top technique for creating change in the mind and body in order to truly ‘activate your life’.

In this book Matt shares the life-changing technique he used to eliminate the lightning-shock sensations he was experiencing after his severe panic attack at age 27 along with reducing the dozens of heart palpitations a day to almost zero.

Repeating this technique during his entire 10 month self-rehabilitation, he was able to return to full-time work in his area of expertise.

The technique removes unwanted belief(s) from your mind while simultaneously ‘installing’ your new, desired belief that you’d like to experience. It’s a simple yet powerful technique that takes between 5-10 minutes and all you need is a pen and paper.

Buy the book here and also receive 22 additional techniques for personal change revealed by expert coaches worldwide who use these very techniques to help their clients get out of pain and into a healthier, happier life.

Matt is also currently writing his first book where he reveals his entire journey with stress, burnout and anxiety.

In Matt’s book, he will be outlining his full story from early symptoms at age 24 while in real estate through to a severe panic attack at age 27 and his self-rehabilitation without doctors or medication.

Matt goes into depth about experiencing daily heart palpitations and lightening shocks in his heart after the panic attack through to the job resignations due to work-stress and anxiety, and the techniques he used to shift his feelings and relieve or eliminate the symptoms of stress and anxiety he was experiencing.

Despite having thousands of thoughts, sensations and feelings that he could die at any second since his panic attack in 2006, Matt never took any pharmaceutical drugs for stress or anxiety, never visited any doctors, never read any books on stress or anxiety and never visited any websites on the topic(s) either.

Instead, he figured everything out himself by testing different techniques and creating several of his own techniques in order to create the change in his mind, body and emotions that he needed to relieve or eliminate feelings of stress and anxiety.

Now armed with a toolbelt of stress techniques for relieving symptoms and changing the way he feels at any point in time, Matt’s book explains each technique in detail and how he either stumbled across or figured out a new technique for creating inner change.

Matt’s unique ability to pay attention to the subtleties of the mind and body gave him a way to analyze what he was feeling and experiencing in any given situation and create a strategy that forced his mind to change the associated bodily feelings was what helped him overcome stress and anxiety without medicine.

Work Stress Books

Matt’s book acts as a guide for anyone experiencing stress, burnout or anxiety and their associated symptoms and negative feelings.

Matt outlines simple techniques that can be used to change the way you feel within seconds, minutes or longer depending on the technique.

The majority of the stress and anxiety techniques mentioned can be done by yourself, with no need to see expensive therapists such as psychologists, naturopaths, and others.

Although such specialists have their place in the healing process, they’re not essential.


If you have the techniques to heal yourself, you’re now in control of your health and your life.

Books on Stress

Matt lists the best foods to eat and the best herbal supplements that support health and healing for stress and anxiety sufferers.

Matt also reveals the exercises and programs he began after suffering from his panic attack. Exercise formed part of Matt’s 10 month intense rehabilitation and has continued to be part of his lifestyle to this day.

Knowing how your mind works, how your body responds and how to adjust the feelings you’re experiencing are the keys to eliminate stress and anxiety and regain control of your mind, body, emotions and life.

Change is easy when you have a path to follow.

No one thought humans could run a mile in under 4 minutes until Roger Bannister did it on the 6th May 1954. Then just 46 days later, John Landy ran the 4 minute mile in 3 minutes and 57.9 seconds, beating Bannister’s record. Since Bannister broke the 4 minute mile barrier, over 1400 runners have achieved the feat.

How? Because it was easier once they had proof that it was possible.

Change is easy when you have a path to follow.

And if Matt can go from thousands of heart palpitations, lightening shock feelings in his heart, be forced to resign from multiple jobs because of stress, anxiety and death feelings to then gain back control, build 15kg (33lbs) of lean muscle, start his own business and become a digital nomad with the ability to live anywhere in the world… then so can you.

And Matt’s book is your guide to breaking your own 4 minute mile.

Matt’s book is due to be released by July 2023.

If you’re seeking more personalized help, consider stress coaching with Matt or burnout coaching to discover the techniques, strategies and exercises Matt used to overcome stress, burnout and anxiety naturally.

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