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How To Assess Burnout Specialists Before You Hire Or Interview

Burnout Expert Matt Adams

Written by Workplace Burnout Expert, Matt Adams

If you’re looking for a burnout expert for a training workshop, interview, comment or to hire as a keynote speaker, it’s essential to know the difference between various experts.

Because teaching, training, advising or speaking about burnout authentically requires far more than a qualification, certification or self-given title.

It requires real world results so that the client, patient or audience gets the right information, advice and guidance.

Burnout Expert, Matt Adams

Employee Burnout Advisor Matt Adams

Matt Adams is a survivor of severe stress and burnout at age 24 while managing two real estate offices and then a severe panic attack at 27.

His subsequent self-rehabilitation took him from experiencing up to 100 heart palpitations a day and lightning-shock sensations in his heart to returning to full-time work in his field of expertise within 10-months.

With over 100 techniques, strategies, activities and exercises to prevent, manage and recover from burnout, he’s able to guide and demonstrate the exact steps and pathway for individuals and organizations to take.

He now trains and advises individuals and organizations about the dangers of work burnout along with guiding them with effective planning, support, prevention and recovery strategies.

Read Matt’s full story here. (Link opens in a new window)

The 3 Types Of Burnout Professionals

More and more people are self-labeling themselves as certified burnout experts which is concerning for the industry and for you if you’re planning to hire someone representing themselves as a burnout guru, speaker or trainer.

Not all burnout practitioners are created equal.

With the saturation of certification programs offered by private companies trying to jump on the burnout bandwagon, it’s more important than ever to properly assess self-proclaimed experts before you engage them in any capacity.

Below, I’ve listed the 3 types of experts on burnout…

(And the reality is that only one has the true qualifications to present authentically to your audience on the topics of workplace burnout, psychological burnout and burnout syndrome).

Expert #1: They Were Taught About Burnout

A formal qualification in a broad area such as psychology can be important in some cases.

However, for someone who’s in the thick of burnout, who can’t function, can’t think, can’t eat properly, can’t sleep and is questioning their job, career and possibly even their existence; ‘general advice’ isn’t enough.

No one would go to their local Doctor for heart surgery, yet this is what local Psychologists and other local or online ‘certified’ experts are attempting to do with a highly-specialized area such as burnout.

In addition to university qualifications, there are a myriad of private organizations offering weekend, week-long or month-long certification courses that promise to make the attendee a ‘certified’ burnout specialist.

This is a concern for the industry and for potential clients/patients hiring generalists or insta-certified ‘experts’.

None of this is a criticism of anyone… it’s all about the client, patient or audience getting the right advice.

Expert #2: They Used External Support To Get Through Burnout

The second expert is one who has suffered burnout in the past and got through it with external support in the form of medication, therapists, counselors and by time itself.

While they may have an emotional story, they’re unlikely to have the knowledge and techniques to be able to authentically teach your audience how to get past burnout effectively.

It’s essential to differentiate between a ‘survivor’ and a true expert.

Expert #3: They Beat Burnout Internally

The third expert is one who went through and overcame burnout solely using internal resources in the form of mindset changes, dietary and lifestyle changes.

Getting past burnout alone means they have the mindset and tools to authentically teach, explain, demonstrate and guide your audience to either prevent, handle or recover from burnout.

They will not only have the story that will engage your audience or employees but also the tools, techniques, strategies, framework or formula that your audience will need if they’re to effectively prevent or overcome burnout.

Why Burnout Experts Are More In-Demand Than Ever

The World Health Organization has labelled burnout as a ‘syndrome’, which means the seriousness of the burnout epidemic has reached the mainstream.

And reaching the mainstream is the best indication that burnout syndrome is costing companies and countries billions of dollars, and needs to be addressed.

Annual healthcare spending due to workplace burnout is between $125 billion to $190 billion according to Harvard Business Review.

Japan and China even have words for ‘death by overwork’ – Karoshi (Japan) and Guolaosi (China).

This means finding and working with the best burnout consultants is crucial for organizations and individuals seeking to thrive in challenging times.

Make Employee And Workplace Wellness A Reality

Priortizing employee well-being can transform an organization by transforming the individuals within the organization.

Small daily changes repeated lead to deep organizational change.

And improved productivity, performance and profits are a by-product of a wellness-centric organization.

Picture your organization 20 years from now… will you look back on today and wish you took different steps? Will your organization follow or lead?

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