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Workplace Burnout Speaker Matt Adams

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How To Choose An Authentic Burnout Keynote Speaker To Present At Your Next Event, Conference Or Summit (In-House & Virtual)

Burnout Speaker Matt Adams

Written by Burnout Speaker, Matt Adams

Whether you have an upcoming company event or a public conference or summit, hiring a burnout speaker to present can be one of the best ways to serve your employees or audience.

Because the burnout epidemic is costing individuals, organizations and the economy billions of dollars annually.

And being ahead of the curve by educating your audience about the dangers of burnout can make your event an impactful one.

But selecting an authentic speaker on work burnout is harder than you think.

Burnout Keynote Speaker, Matt Adams

Job Burnout Presenter Matt Adams

If you’re seeking an engaging, knowledgeable and authentic burnout speaker for your event, summit or conference, Matt Adams can deliver an impactful presentation from the heart.

As a burnout survivor turned expert, Matt offers expert keynote presentations, in-house and virtual.

His expertise covers all aspects of burnout, from prevention and management to recovery.

Read Matt’s incredible survival story on his Bio page where he shares his experiences in dealing with up to 100 daily heart palpitations and a severe panic attack through to a 10-month self-rehabilitation to return to full-time work.

Matt has presented for conferences, corporations, industry groups and various sized companies either in-person or virtual in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia.

Workplace Wellness Is More Than The Absence Of Burnout

With employee well-being at the forefront of the burnout conversation and company performance, getting the right information is more important than ever.

Because the absence of burnout isn’t just about avoidance, it’s about implementing wellness practices at the individual and organizational level.

And moving away from burnout and towards wellness is a team effort as much as it is an individual necessity.


The 3 Types Of Burnout Speakers

Choosing a guest speaker for a burnout conference, summit or private company event requires an understanding of the 3 different experts you’ll come across.

Let’s discover the 3 speaker types…

Speaker Type #1: They’re Educated About Burnout

As there is no formal qualification for burnout, so many people become self-educated through reading about burnout or working with clients/patients that are burnt out.

Psychologists often self-label as experts in the area of burnout.

Such experts will typically deliver a speech using data, statistics and client case studies.

Speaker Type #2: They Survived Burnout Using External Support

The second type are typically survivors of burnout who used external support in the form of medication, counseling or therapists.

With support and the passing of time, they we’re able to get through it.

While they have a survival story, they’re unlikely to have effective techniques, strategies, diet and lifestyle advice to help your audience help themselves.

Speaker Type #3: They Survived Burnout Through Internal Means

The third type is a burnout survivor who used mindset, techniques and strategies to overcome burnout.

They will have an emotional story that connects with your audience along with the techniques, strategies, diet and lifestyle hacks that your employees or audience can use in a practical sense to help themselves get through and get out of burnout.

How To Choose A Burnout Speaker [2 Questions]

Choosing the right motivational speaker on burnout can potentially be life-changing for your audience.

Here are 2 additional questions to ask yourself…

Can they deliver theory AND practical tools for your audience?

Having a presenter just provide data, statistics and a list of symptoms to watch out for during their burnout presentation won’t help your audience prevent burnout.

The combination of emotional story, theory, practical tools and a proven pathway is what will impact your audience the most.

A speaker selection checklist should include:

  1. An emotional story that your audience can relate to and connect with
  2. An ability to provide a high level overview of burnout and its effects
  3. A toolbelt of practical techniques, strategies and lifestyle edits that your audience can easily implement to prevent, manage or get rid of burnout

An authentic workplace burnout speaker will be able to deliver on each of these points so that your audience receives a presentation to remember and talk about.

How relatable are they to your audience?

Relatability is the most important element that your audience is unconsciously seeking.

They need to see themselves in the speaker to truly be impacted.

Here are three questions to keep in mind…

  • Is the speaker in a similar age bracket as my audience, or were they in a similar age bracket when they experienced burnout?
  • Does the speaker look believable in regards to health and well-being? Will your audience believe them?
  • Does their story serve as a warning of what not to do, while providing hope and inspiration for your audience?

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Topic Ideas For Your Event, Conference Or Summit

Brainstorming event themes and ideas that your audience will connect with can be challenging, which is why I’ve listed several potential burnout topics for you to consider…

  • Job/Career Burnout Prevention
  • Dealing With Other People
  • Remote Work Burnout
  • Self-Care/Self-Management
  • Mental Health And Burnout
  • Exercise And Diet
  • Burnout Techniques, Strategies, Activities & Exercises
  • Time Management
  • Workload Management
  • Building Resilience Against Stress & Burnout

Whether you’re working in burnout prone industries such as healthcare, education, legal, real estate, tech or otherwise… the above topics may prompt ideas or inspiration for your upcoming event.

If you’d like to discuss further options, you can book a call here.