How 1-On-1 Coaching Can Help You Manage, Prevent Or Heal From Stress, Burnout And Anxiety…Without Having To Change Your Job Or Career

Matt Adams - Stress Management Coach

Matt Adams
Stress, Burnout And Anxiety Expert And Coach

If you’re suffering from stress, burnout or anxiety and want to take control of your mind, body and health, 1-on-1 coaching may be the answer to get fast results.

If you love your job (or the income it gives you), coaching can provide not just a friendly ear to discuss your situation, but more importantly, to gain techniques, strategies and exercises to reduce, manage and eliminate stress, burnout and anxiety.

Implementing the techniques with guidance and support from an expert can help you change the way your mind and body respond to stress, burnout or anxiety within minutes in some cases.

If you’ve struggled overcoming stress in the past or if you struggle with self-discipline or self-motivation to follow through on techniques or exercises, the right coach can show you how easy it can be.

Stress, burnout and anxiety are different for everyone… different symptoms, sensations, thoughts and feelings.

It can feel like you’re the only person in the world suffering those specific symptoms and sensations.

Having suffered severely from stress, burnout and anxiety, I know all too well the symptoms, sensations, thoughts and feelings that can cause you to spiral to the negative.

Which is why it’s important to learn the techniques, strategies and exercises that can turn things around and put you in a position of power and control of your situation and your mind.

If you’re wondering if natural solutions are strong enough to really change your response to stress, I worried about this initially too.

But through trial and error I was able to discover the ones that work quickly and effectively so that I didn’t have to spend two hours a day meditating.

Stress either manifests first in the mind, which then affects the body, or it can show up first in your body and in turn, affect the mind.

For me, stress showed up in my body about 3 months before it showed up in my mind consciously.

It first appeared in my body when face pimples appeared and wouldn’t go away, and my libido dropped to almost zero.

Then it appeared mentally 3 months later with me getting to a point where I woke up one day with the thought, “I don’t want to go to work today“.

Read my full story here on my Bio page.

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Are you having one or more of these thoughts on a reoccurring basis and can’t seem to find a way out of the thoughts and feelings…

  • Why is this happening to me?
  • What’s wrong with me?
  • Why can’t I handle this?
  • Why do others handle work so easily but I can’t?
  • I’m smart, I should be able to fix this.

Don’t worry.

These are common responses to a situation like stress, burnout and anxiety where the ‘enemy’ is somewhat invisible.

The fact is, we’re just not given the tools during our childhood to prepare us for pretty much any physical, mental or emotional health issue.

So when we experience issues, we’re immediately lost, confused, fearful and we feel alone.

Even many so called ‘experts’ don’t have the tools to fix the issues. They may either recommend a pharmaceutical drug or supplement to take and you’re on your own.

When it comes to stress, burnout and anxiety, popping pills is simply inadequate.

It’s deeper than that.

It requires a shift in your thoughts, feelings and physical body to create the change that’s need to overcome stress and anxiety.

Coaching Vs DIY

I dealt with stress and anxiety the hard way. I figured it all out by myself. No doctors, no medication, no websites, no books and no therapists.

Do I recommend this approach for others?

No way.

Simply because it’s very difficult to figure it all out yourself, and the pain and suffering in the meantime just isn’t worth it.

Think about it using this analogy… is it easier to figure out YOUR relationship problems or is it easier to give someone else advice about THEIR relationship problems?

Of course it’s easier giving advice than self-analyzing your way to relationship bliss.

You can see ‘the truth’ with a friend’s problems much easier than you can see your own problems.

It’s the same with stress and anxiety.

It’s harder for you to see your problems, but it’s easy for me to see them. Because you’re ‘in the soup’, the truth or reality of the situation isn’t obvious to you.

Perspective is everything.

Just like a Personal Trainer will push you hard in the gym, keep you motivated and keep you on track, a stress or anxiety coach will push you to do the techniques required that can create the change you’re looking for.

Keeping you accountable will help you follow-through and gain back control of your mind, body and emotions, allowing you to start enjoying work again.

1-On-1 Coaching Is For You If…

  • You like/love your job but “it’s killing you”
  • You hate your job and “it’s killing you”, but you’d like to keep it for the good income it brings you
  • You’re well paid, but highly stressed, and want to keep your job and career
  • Your family depends on your income
  • You’re experiencing several reoccurring stress or anxiety symptoms listed above
  • You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you don’t want to feel like it’s ‘all for nothing’, or that you’re ‘throwing it all away’

Types Of Coaching

Stress Coaching

If you’re struggling with stress and would like to leverage an expert’s knowledge, working with a stress management coach can help you get the answers and solutions you need to get past stress quickly.

The mental, physical and emotional pain is just part of the stress equation.

The more silent pain is the effect stress has on your relationship, your work relationships and even your finances if stress affects your ability to work.

Short-cutting the negatives and accelerating your path to mental, physical and emotional well-being is what a coach can help with.

Read Matt’s coaching for stress guide with over 60 questions answered

Burnout Coaching

Avoiding burnout can save you a lot of unnecessary distress, and stopping it if you’re currently experiencing burnout is just as important.

Medicine will only patch your symptoms and fuel the volcano within that could erupt as a nervous breakdown.

If you reach this stage, the devastating consequences could affect you negatively for the rest of your life if you don’t have the tools, techniques and exercises to reset your mind and body back to your ‘default settings’.

An expert burnout coach can help you avoid pain by helping you take control of your mind and body today.

Matt’s coaching for burnout guide answers every question you could have and explains how to the coaching process works…

What Are Your Coaching Options With Matt…?

Option 1:

“I’m Desperate… I Need To Chat In The Next 24 Hours!”

I get it. I’ve been in this situation thousands of times.

One particular time, I was at work, sitting at my desk and I had a tonne of work to do and I have this storm in my mind that just wouldn’t stop. My heart was racing but my mind was racing even faster.

It was around 11am, and it kept on for about half an hour until I reached the point where I thought “I have to get out of here!”.

I ended up going to a bar down the road from work and drinking 3 pints of beer. (For some reason, in that moment, I forgot about using the techniques I’d gathered to that point, probably because I was still finding-my-way with this whole stress/anxiety thing.

(This was the first professional job I was working in since I rehabilitated myself from the severe panic attack I experienced one year earlier).

So I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going to a bar to patch the problem, but if that’s what it takes to at least prevent the thought that you’re going to have a heart attack or die (like I thought could have happened to me), then sometimes it’s an effective quick fix.

BUT… once the quick fix has done its job… if you don’t turn your attention to implementing natural, effective stress and anxiety busting techniques LATER THAT SAME DAY, then you’ve missed the point.

The ONE THING that allowed me to beat stress and anxiety naturally was that I IMPLEMENTED the techniques I either came across or invented myself (even when I didn’t feel like it).

So… this ’emergency’ chat is suitable for you if:

• You’ve got a storm going on in your brain and you’re at your wits end

• You’re considering going to a Doctor or Hospital to get an instant fix in the form of pharmaceutical drugs just to stop the immediate pain you’re experiencing

• You’re resorting to one or more drugs to distract your mind, such as alcohol, marijuana or other something else

Look after yourself by getting the right technique to implement TODAY to get out of stress and anxiety feelings naturally.

Once-off chat
1.5 hours

(To get started, please enter your details in the form at the bottom of this page to arrange a quick chat with Matt first)

Option 2:

“I’d Like a 1 Week Trial Of 3 Sessions And Then Decide If I’d Like To Continue Coaching Or Not”

It’s natural to be doubtful or even skeptical about coaching.

There are many so called ‘experts’ offering coaching in various areas that don’t necessarily have the results or qualifications necessary to help their clients.

Which is why I offer this one week trial to give you a low-commitment way to put me to the test as well as to find out how you feel and respond to coaching.

This option is for you if one or more of the following applies to you:

• You’re doubtful or skeptical about coaching (either with me or in general) and you’d like to put me and/or coaching to the test to see how it works for you

• You don’t believe other ‘generalists’ such as doctors, psychologists and counselors can truly help you… so you’d like to work with a specialist

• You’d like to work directly with someone who’s overcome stress, burnout and anxiety naturally… and you’d like to either stop or prevent the same issues happening to you

Once-off payment
3 x 45 Minute Calls (For 1 Week)

(To get started, please enter your details in the form at the bottom of this page to arrange a quick chat with Matt first)

Option 3:

“I’d Like 1-Month Intensive Coaching To Get The Right Advice Quickly”

As a Type A personality myself, I’m all about getting the right information fast so that I can implement it to notice the effect, which is why I offer this 1-month intensive coaching.

With our weekly chats, I’ll introduce you to stress busting techniques, strategies and exercises that you can implement to start turning your situation around and get back on track with your job, career and life.

This option is for you if one or more of the following applies to you:

• You’re busy and you don’t have time to scour the internet for information. You just want the right information fast so that you can implement what you need to immediately

• Your doctor is suggesting you take one or more pharmaceutical drugs to ‘cope’ with stress or anxiety (but you want something more sustainable that puts you in control of your health)

• Natural Health Practitioners have only offered you one option (their option) as a way to overcome stress and anxiety, but you only experience temporary relief

Once-off payment
1 x 1 Hour Call Per Week OR 2 x 30 Min Chats p/wk (For 1 Month)

(To get started, please enter your details in the form at the bottom of this page to arrange a quick chat with Matt first)

Option 4:

“I’d Like 3-Months Intensive Coaching To Get Back On Track, Build Positive Habits And Be In Control Of My Health”

Three months is a solid period of time to turn things around, particularly if you’ve suffered from stress and anxiety for a while.

This option is for you if one or more of the following applies to you:

• You’re searching for answers and just can’t seem to find good advice

• You’ve been to see one or more experts and you haven’t received either the answers or advice that has worked for you

• You’ve tried a few techniques, strategies or exercises to fix stress or anxiety and nothing has worked effectively so far

• You just want to speak to someone with real world experiences with stress and anxiety and who’s overcome it 100% naturally

• You want to beat stress and anxiety naturally and everyone seems to want to sell you ‘something to take’ that will apparently cure you

• You’re considering working with an expert in the short term to at least get you started, then you’ll take it from there yourself

USD$2,195 p/mth
1 x 1 Hour Call Per Week (For 3 Months)

(To get started, please enter your details in the form at the bottom of this page to arrange a quick chat with Matt first)

Option 5:

“I’m Committed To Beating Stress, Burnout And Anxiety And Improving My Health And Well-Being Over The Long Term”
(6 Months Or Longer)

This option is for you if one or more of the following applies to you:

• You’ve had one or more setbacks in relation to stress, burnout or anxiety and you’re ready to face things head on and get back to where you were before all the stress and anxiety started

• You’re more committed than ever to your health and well-being and would like to work with someone who walks their talk, someone who can guide you every step of the way to living a healthy lifestyle

• You’d like to be mentored, pushed and perhaps held accountable to someone to ensure you follow through and do what’s required to finally overcome stress and anxiety

USD$1,995 p/mth
1 x 1 Hour Call Per Week (For 6 Months or more)

(To get started, please enter your details in the form at the bottom of this page to arrange a quick chat with Matt first)

Request An Initial Phone Chat With Matt

Whether you’re still undecided about coaching or you’re ready to get started, please enter your details in the form below to arrange an initial chat with me. Once submitted, I’ll be in touch within 24 hours (usually sooner).

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How To Identify And Eliminate Stress And Anxiety

Common work-related stress symptoms to watch out for:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Shallow breathing
  • Speaking quickly (quicker than normal)
  • Headaches / Migraines
  • Lower back ache
  • Indigestion
  • Lack of appetite
  • Craving sugar
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Getting the flu on the first few days of a vacation/holiday
  • Regular colds, reoccurring or lingering colds
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty getting to sleep
  • Lowered libido
  • Unable to sleep for more than 4 or 6 hours
  • Irritability or anger outbursts
  • Road rage to or from work
  • Lethargy
  • Pimples
  • Skin issues
  • Depressed feelings
  • Craving / Consuming too much caffeine or alcohol
  • Low productivity
  • Lack of motivation (to work or to go to work)
  • Regular sick days and more frequent unexplained sickness feelings
  • Being accident-prone
  • Being cynical, defensive, sharp responses
  • Negativity or rejection of new ideas
  • Taking pharmaceutical drugs for stress

Common work-related anxiety symptoms to watch out for:

  • Fear of going to work
  • Fear of being ‘stuck’ at work
  • Fear of ‘the office’
  • Fear of not being able to leave the office (feeling trapped)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Increased heart rate
  • Feeling scared to go to work
  • Death feelings
  • Worry about tasks, workload
  • You spend all Sunday worrying about Monday
  • You’re drinking alcohol more frequently (before, during or after work)
  • You’ve stopped drinking coffee (to avoid even more anxiety feelings)
  • Crying about your job, your workload, your performance
  • Making mental pictures or movies of yourself in stressful, anxious work situations
  • Feelings of inadequacy
  • Anxious about being fired for your anxiety
  • Worrying about what your colleagues think of you (and your anxiety)
  • Labeling / Self diagnosing yourself as having mental health problems
  • Fear of interacting with management
  • Fear of being humiliated
  • Feeling overworked and underpaid, to the point you feel like you’re about to ‘burst’
  • Taking pharmaceutical drugs for anxiety