Corporate Stress Management Training Courses, Programs And Workshops

Matt Adams is a Work Stress Expert, Speaker and Stress Management Consultant offering in-house Corporate Stress Management Training Courses for organizations in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other major business centers.

Matt’s personal experiences over the last 15 years with work stress, work related anxiety and a severe panic attack forced him to find or create techniques and strategies to manage, treat or eliminate work stress and work anxiety to reach a point of mental, physical and emotional freedom that he enjoys to this day.

Matt delivers effective corporate stress management training courses with invaluable information, techniques and tips that your employees can implement for immediate results.

If you’d like to prevent work stress among your employees to reduce sick days, negative workplace culture and the financial expense of extended stress leave, a corporate stress management training program can empower your employees to take control of work stress and stay on task and on track.

Educate Employees

Educating your employees about the dangers of stress can save your organization valuable time and money.

By informing your employees about stress, you can help to:

  • Reduce employee sick days
  • Prevent long term employee stress leave
  • Prevent employees from reaching out for harmful pharmaceutical drugs
  • Prevent employees from turning to alcohol or illicit drugs to deal with stress
  • Prevent poor decision making from over-stressed employees
  • Reduce potential workplace injuries
  • Reduce potential for lawsuits from employees
  • Prevent a negative workplace culture
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Prevent mental health issues in the workplace
  • Hold onto valuable staff members over the long term
  • Improved employee productivity and performance
  • Reduce negative employer reviews on sites like

Stress is known as the silent killer.

It manifests in a multitude of ways and can take months to ‘show up’ in a serious form that can potentially lead to instant resignations, emergency room visits, urgent medication and short to long term stress leave.

Our modern lifestyles, job pressures and self-expectations can cause stress in even the strongest of people.

What’s causing work stress for employees?

Job stress is experienced differently for every person, but there are common triggers that employers can seek to reduce in order to reduce stress for employees and improve workplace culture.

Common employee work stress triggers include:

  • Job role expectations
  • Long working hours
  • Heavy workload
  • Type of work
  • Deadlines
  • Upper management
  • Organizational culture
  • Physical workplace environment
  • Relationships with work colleagues
  • Lack of support from other staff and management
  • Company downsizing or merging, department mergers
  • Job role changes
  • Job insecurity
  • Sedentary job role
  • Over-stimulation from computer screen, bright lights, noise
  • Customer/client expectations and demands
  • Lack of resources to perform job effectively
  • Harassment or discrimination
  • Lack of promotional opportunities

Employees will often turn to professionals for help such as Doctors, Physiologists, Psychiatrists, or Career Counselors.

Corporate Stress Management Training Courses

Matt Adams offers corporate stress management training courses for organizations wanting to educate their employees about work related stress and gain practical techniques that employees can implement (in some cases at their desk) in order to reduce or eliminate feelings and symptoms of stress.

Some of the signs of stress in employees include:

  • Reduced quality of work
  • Disinterest in work
  • Arriving late to work repeatedly
  • Appearing irritated often
  • Loss of sense of humor
  • Disagreeable temperament
  • Closed off to new ideas
  • Tense body posture
  • Increase in addictions (cigarettes, alcohol)
  • Increase in sick days
  • Grouchy, negative or angry disposition
  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach pain or nausea

Recognizing signs of stress in employees is a valuable skill that could prevent significant financial losses to your organization, high employee turnover, increased sick days, stress leave and negative employer reviews left on various websites.

In addition of course is the human-toll of dissatisfaction in the workplace, negative workplace culture, lack of job and career fulfillment and reduced employee performance.

Matt Adams offers in depth work stress training courses that provide employees with practical tools and techniques they can implement immediately to change their experience with stress at work.

Educating your employees puts the onus on the employee to take responsibility for their feelings and symptoms, and to implement the strategies they learn to create the changes necessary to take control of their mind, body and emotions.

Matt’s Corporate Stress Management Training Course Modules are divided into 3 areas:

1) Prevention

2) Management

3) Healing

Module 1: Stress Prevention

Module topics include…

  • Stress Defined
  • Work Stress Statistics
  • Costs Of Workplace Stress To Employers
  • Costs Of Workplace Stress To Employees
  • Risk Factors
  • Stress And Mental Health
  • Stress And Anxiety
  • Stress And Depression
  • Causes And Sources Of Stress
  • Types Of Stress
  • Stress Signs
  • Stress Prevention Techniques and Exercises
  • Stress Questionnaire / Test

Module 2: Stress Management

Module topics include…

  • Work Stress Symptoms
  • Coping With Stress
  • Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Creative Ways To Reduce Stress
  • Stress And Exercise
  • Stress And Meditation
  • Stress Management Strategies
  • Job Stress Management
  • Work Stress Solutions For Long Term Well-being
  • Mental Health Management Techniques
  • How To Beat Stress At Work

Module 3: Healing From Stress

Module topics include…

  • Work Stress Leave
  • Work Stress Medication
  • Work Stress Supplements
  • Exercise Programs For Stress
  • Mental Health Plan For Stress
  • Employee Stress Management Plan

If you’d like to minimize workplace stress, step number one is education.

Educating employees about stress provides invaluable information and effective stress reduction techniques.

These techniques provide steps to create change.

Implementation of those steps can lead to prevention or cure.

Add value to your organization, your culture and your employee’s mental and emotional health with a work stress training course by an expert who’s walked the path and beaten stress.

Fill out an expression of interest using the form to discuss your tailored corporate stress management training course with Matt Adams.

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