Upcoming Course: ‘Zero Stress Workday’

(Beta Launch January 2023)

Zero Stress Workday Course

In This Course:

  • You’ll follow my 5-step method to overcome stress, burnout and work-related anxiety (Review, Release, Reset, Renew, Relaunch)

  • You’ll discover the REAL cause of your stress and why it’s so hard to get past it (but now you’ll have the secret so you can fix it quickly)

  • You’ll learn how to beat stress, burnout and anxiety without quitting your job (I show you the ‘baby steps’ that make it easier and more predictable so you don’t need ‘motivation’)

  • You’ll release your past stress experiences so you can confidently move forward with your job and career

  • You’ll discover the top techniques, strategies, activities and exercises I used to beat stress (Without medication, doctors, therapists or counselors…100% naturally)

  • You’ll find out my top supplements for reducing stress feelings and feel better every day (As well as boosting your immune system and preventing premature aging)

  • You’ll begin to feel better, be less ‘triggered’ by other people and stressful situations, perform better in your work and feel more engaged in work and life

Who’s It For?  Anyone who’d like to reduce stress and feel calm at work (Office or Home Office).

What’s The Delivery Method?  Online Videos.

What’s The Course Format?  Pre-Recorded, Self-Paced Training Videos.
(My daily email reminders will keep you motivated and up-to-date with the training to ensure you complete the course within 30 days.)

How Long Is The Course? There are approximately 50 short videos, anywhere from 1 minute up to around 10 minutes. I’ve deliberately made the videos as short and as digestible as possible to keep the course interesting and engaging.

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