Matt Adams Method™

Matt Adams Method

The Matt Adams Method™ is a methodology for the effective prevention, management and recovery of stress, burnout and anxiety.

It was created by Matt Adams as a result of the work-stress and burnout he experienced at age 24 and a severe panic-attack at age 27 that resulted in up to 100 heart palpitations per day along with lightning-shock sensations in his heart.

These experiences led to a 10-month self-rehabilitation without the use of drugs, doctors, counselors or therapists.

The model is a step-by-step resilience program through the implementation of:

  • Lifestyle Edits
  • Mind-Management Strategies
  • Habit Hacking
  • Techniques, Strategies, Activities, Exercises

A 5-step framework, it was created as an easy-to-follow program designed to help an individual improve their mental, physical and emotional well-being.

5 Steps To The Matt Adams Method:

1. Review

2. Release

3. Reset

4. Renew

5. Relaunch

Matt uses his formula with his coaching clients to offer a structured, step-by-step path to prevent, manage or recover from stress, burnout or anxiety.

Matt is a contributing Author to a #1 Best-Selling book on Amazon: ‘Activate Your Life’ (Volume III) and is currently writing a book about his journey of overcoming stress and burnout.

He is the President of the International Work Stress Institute.

Find out more on Matt’s biography page or read more about how stress training for organizations can prevent and reduce workplace stress and increase productivity.

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