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Matt Adams, Stress And Burnout Coach

Matt Adams
Stress Management Speaker

Stress touches EVERYONE… they just don’t speak about it.

A Mental Health Foundation study in 2018 revealed that:

74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed and unable to cope“.

  • 46% reported that they ate too much or ate unhealthily due to stress
  • 29% reported that they started drinking or increased their drinking

And a Labour Force Survey (LFS) In 2020/21 revealed that “stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 50% of all work-related ill health cases“.

Matt Adams

About Matt Adams

Matt Adams is a work stress speaker specializing in stress management, burnout and work-related anxiety.

From severe stress and burnout managing two real estate sales offices at 24 to a life-changing panic attack at 27 that resulted in him working at a ladder factory, then a ten month self-rehabilitation without the use of medication, doctors, counselors or therapists… Matt overcame stress, burnout and anxiety the hard way.

He is a contributing Author to a #1 Best-Selling book on Amazon: ‘Activate Your Life’ (Volume III) – a book featuring 23 health and wellness coaches worldwide who share their top strategy, technique or exercise to create change in the mind and body. (Published Oct 2021).

He’s the Founder and President of the International Work Stress Institute ( – a non-profit organization that offers education, training, speaking and consulting to organizations globally to educate and empower their employees to create long-term change in the workplace.

He is also currently writing a book about his journey with stress and anxiety. It’s due to be released in Feb 2024..

Matt is originally from Australia but now lives in London.

Virtual Keynote Speakers

For a virtual keynote speaker with heart, Matt is an authentic presenter on all topics relating to stress, burnout and occupational-anxiety and his story will connect with your audience and serve as a ‘what not to do’ life lesson.

Courtesy of the Covid pandemic, in 2023, virtual conferences and events are on the rise and online keynote speakers need to be able to present and engage effectively to capture and hold your audience’s attention.

Whether you’re seeking a guest speaker, marquee keynote speaker, panellist, roundtable member or plenary speaker, Matt offers professional and inspirational presentations tailored to your audience, conference theme and event topic specifications.

From heart palpitations to health and from suffering to solutions, Matt was able to conquer stress, burnout and job-anxiety for good… and now he’s sharing his story, knowledge and expertise to help others boost their physical, mental and emotional health.

Corporate Speaker On Stress, Burnout, Health And Wellness

Are you organizing a company event or conference and looking for corporate speakers that can deliver a motivational presentation on stress management, health, avoiding burnout or job-related anxiety?

Matt can liaise with you to discuss the ideal topics for your management team and employees that educates, informs and inspires them to take action and prioritize their health and well-being.

This means:

  • more engaged employees
  • less absenteeism and presenteeism
  • a healthier, happier and more productive workplace

The best motivational speakers for corporate events should walk their talk and deliver their presentation with conviction so that their audience feels what the speaker felt as they share their story, experiences and life lessons.

Hiring a key speaker like Matt who is dedicated to understanding your audience and tailoring his presentation in a way that connects with your audience can make your event more impactful and memorable.

Motivating Your Audience

How would your event be impacted if your audience were to make subtle, yet powerful changes to their beliefs around self-discipline, motivation and following through on new health habits?

Many motivational keynote speakers in the areas of stress, wellness, health and mindset often have a specialization to one particular area.

With Matt’s history and experiences, he’s been forced to gain in-depth knowledge, techniques, strategies and practical experience in several areas just to ‘survive’ and get back to a point of feeling normal again

Here are the many areas Matt can be engaged as a speaker for your next conference or event…

  • Stress Management
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Work-Related Anxiety
  • Building Resilience
  • Mental Health
  • Health And Wellness
  • Stress In Real Estate
  • Mindset & Motivation

(Below you’re also find conference themes and topic Ideas to make your next event a success)

Here is a bit more information about each (including speaking fees)…

Matt can deliver an engaging keynote presentation on stress, discussing everything from prevention to management to recovery.

Very few people know how to beat stress and burnout effectively.

Even ‘stress experts’ (if they’ve actually had direct personal experiences with stress) have used medication to deal with or overcome their stress at some point.

Matt’s extensive list of stress-busting techniques, strategies and exercises were Matt’s only way out.

The Matt Adams Method™ to overcome stress, burnout and work-related anxiety is based on a ‘growth mindset’, where new thoughts, behaviors and habits are implemented to ‘out-grow’ stress… to the point where anyone can become completely resilient against stress.

As a stress management thought-leader, Matt’s unique philosophy and strategies can bring a fresh approach to your health summit, stress conference or related wellness event.

So if you’re looking for an expert speaker on stress that can inspire and influence your audience to take positive actions towards a healthier mind and body, here are some stress event themes and topic ideas he can present on:

  • Work Stress Today
  • Stress in the Workplace
  • Proven Stress Solutions
  • Mindfulness And Self-Awareness
  • Anti-Stress Supplements
  • Daily Habits to Avoid and/or Counteract Stress
  • Mind/Body Healing
  • Stress-Busting Strategies and Techniques
  • Mental Diet to Beat Stress
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Anti-Stress Diet
  • Bouncing Back from Stress
  • Building Resilience Against Stress
  • Ancient Health, Healing and Wisdom

As an international stress conference speaker, Matt can present in a way that your audience finds their ‘inner motivator’, propelling them into action towards a healthier mind, body and lifestyle.

Including one or more presentations on proven stress solutions at your next work stress health conference, summit or event can help your audience take control of their mind, body and lifestyle.

Burnout Keynote Speaker

Burnout is booming (unfortunately) and racing to the doctor is, more unfortunately, not going to solve the problem.

If you’re looking for an authentic burnout conference speaker who’s beaten burnout 1, Matt Adams can present an engaging speech that will inspire your audience to greater mental and physical health.

Whether you’re seeking in-person or virtual health summit speakers, Matt can create a unique presentation outlining his philosophy and prevention and recovery strategies.

As a burnout survivor, his self-rehab enabled him to return to full-time work within 10 months thanks to the techniques and strategies he found or developed.

For burnout event topic ideas and themes, Matt can present on any of the following:

  • Burnout Prevention, Management or Recovery
  • Anti-Burnout Diet
  • Building a Health-First Mindset
  • The Occupational Burnout Epidemic
  • Proven Burnout Solutions
  • Burnout-Busting Strategies and Techniques
  • Mental Nutrition – The Foundation of Well-Being
  • Building Resilience Against Burnout
  • Anti-Burnout Supplements

As a true burnout expert and authority on prevention, management and recovery, Matt can help your audience prevent a possible health scare as a result of burnout through the implementation of small mindset shifts and new daily habits.

Prevention or recovering can be simple, and Matt can show your audience some easy ways to take control immediately.

Work Anxiety Keynote Speaker

Matt could be a positive addition as one of your anxiety conference speakers to move your audience to prevention or recovery from anxiety.

After the stress and burnout Matt suffered while in real estate, the resulting work-related anxiety he endured lead to a severe panic attack three years later at age 27.

Dealing with up to 100 heart palpitations per day as well as lightning-shock sensations in his heart, waking up with the feeling, “If I go to work today I will die”, was a weekly occurrence.

As one of your potential anxiety summit speakers, Matt can share his survival story of his 100% recovery from anxiety with your audience with conviction and authenticity.

As a work-anxiety expert and authority, Matt can deliver a unique presentation sharing many of the techniques and strategies he used to overcome anxiety quickly and easily.

For anxiety event topic ideas and themes, Matt can speak about:

  • Work-Related Anxiety Today
  • Anxiety in the Workplace
  • Mindfulness for Real Change
  • Anti-Anxiety Diet
  • Recovering from Anxiety
  • Anti-Anxiety Supplements
  • Daily Anxiety Busters
  • The Mental Diet
  • Bouncing Back from Anxiety
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Developing a Growth Mindset Against Anxiety
  • Exercise and Anxiety
Keynote Speakers

Resilience Keynote Speaker

Matt can present a captivating keynote presentation on resilience at your next well-being conference, mental health summit or resilience event.

Matt’s mindset and resilience enabled him to self-heal from his severe panic attack that was related to his previous stress and burnout in real estate.

His 100% self-healing without medication, doctors, counsellors or therapists was thanks to his resolve and determination in getting to the root cause of the problem instead of just patching feelings and sensations with medication.

As a resilience speaker, Matt can share his story and offer first-hand advice on building resilience and maintaining a resilient mindset during adversity.

His toolbelt of resilience exercises, techniques and strategies can be implemented by anyone committed to their health and wellness as a way to prevent, manage or overcome difficult life situations.

For resilience event themes and topic ideas, Matt can present on one or more of the following areas:

  • The Resilience Mindset
  • Building a Resilient Foundation For Life’s Challenges
  • Embracing Adversity (With a Smile)
  • Adopting a Growth Mindset
  • Resilience in Your Career
  • Resilience in Your Health
  • Overcoming Setbacks In Your Life
  • Preparing For Pain
  • A Resilient Attitude
  • Exercise and Resilience
  • Positive Thinking and Resilience
  • Mental Nutrition
  • Eating For Resilience

For an expert speaker on resilience and its importance in the modern world, chat with Matt about your next live or online resilience summit or event.

Mental Health Keynote Speaker

If you’re searching for expert mental health conference speakers, Matt offers a unique take on overcoming mental health issues.

With Matt’s personal suffering of work stress, anxiety and burnout and his recovery, he has the mental tools, techniques and exercises that anyone can implement to begin shifting negative thoughts, feelings and experiences to take control.

Small habits repeated daily benefit from the cumulative effect, a process Matt refers to as ‘subtle power’.

Rather than suppressing the mind and body’s valuable messages with medication, simple daily habit changes can disconnect the old patterns while simultaneously merging the new ways of thinking and feeling into your new ‘normal’.

Change is possible, and with the right techniques and habits, it becomes probable.

For mental health summit topic ideas and themes, Matt can deliver an in-depth keynote presentation live or online on one or more of the following topics:

  • Mental Health Today
  • Self-Talk
  • Mind Image Mastery
  • Mental Diet for Well-Being
  • Technology Devices and Their Impact on the Brain
  • Calming The Mind
  • Exercise and Mental Health
  • Food and the Brain
  • Top Mind Techniques and Strategies
  • Affordable Self Care Options
  • Top Supplements
  • Popular And Little-Known Mindfulness Exercises

As a mental health motivational speaker and authority on recovery, his philosophy and methods bring a fresh perspective and an updated approach to the growing mental health epidemic.

Health And Wellness Keynote Speaker

Matt is a wellness expert who has an extensive health-toolbelt with a technique, strategy, exercise or hack for just about any health issue you can think of.

His severe stress issues fueled his existing passion for health and triggered a life-change that has equipped him with strategies and solutions for the mind, body, emotions and energy body.

For a wellness conference speaker that walks his talk, Matt can deliver an engaging and enlightening wellness keynote presentation on the nuances of talking control of the mind and body, reshaping the brain, resetting the nervous system and purposely directing your thoughts and emotions to achieve better health and well-being.

For health and wellness summit themes and topic ideas Matt can speak about:

  • Building a Wellness Mindset
  • Going Organic
  • 4 Silent Health Killers
  • Your Mental Diet
  • Health and Stress
  • Healthy Mind Strategies
  • Brain Health Boosters
  • Taking Control of Your Health
  • Daily Wellbeing Habits
  • Getting into Nature
  • Building Confidence and Resilience
  • Living Consciously
  • Thriving in an Unnatural World
  • Self-Talk for Feeling Good Every Day
  • Self-Awareness Strategies
  • Putting Health First
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Brain Games for Health
  • Healthy Eating
  • Raising Your Vibration
  • Getting Past Your Past

Stress In Real Estate Keynote Speaker

Matt can create and deliver a unique keynote presentation on stress for your next property summit, event or virtual conference.

After experiencing severe burnout and stress in real estate as a Sales Manager of two offices, Matt could be a valuable real estate conference guest speaker, panellist or plenary speaker at your next event.

Whether it’s stress prevention, management or recovery, Matt’s story can offer unique insights for today’s realtors and rental property managers to help them avoid burnout or a more serious health scare.

As an anti-burnout speaker, having Matt educate your audience of the dangers of work-related stress and provide proven techniques, strategies and exercises for real estate agents can help them avoid burnout.

For real estate conference ideas and themes, Matt can present on:

  • Stress in Real Estate Today
  • Preventing Burnout in Real Estate
  • Proven Stress Busters
  • Anti-Stress Eating Plan
  • Self-Care Routine For Busy Brokers
  • Mindfulness and Self-Awareness
  • Adopting a Wellness Mindset
  • Building Resilience
  • Supplements to Prevent Burnout
  • Exercise and a Healthy Lifestyle
  • No-Stress Selling
  • Self-Talk for Success
  • Managing Your Agency Without Stress

If you have an upcoming need for property event speakers, whether live or online, discuss your requirements with Matt to have a customized presentation to suit your particular audience and event.

Matt’s stress survival story could inspire your audience of brokers to prioritize their health so that they can achieve their career goals without stress or burnout getting in the way.

A Few Words From Matt…

Matt Adams

(Note: If you’ve already read my Bio profile here on my website, you can skip down to the section titled ‘Stress, Burnout And Anxiety ‘Toolbelt’)

My journey with stress started in 2002 at age 24 while I was managing two real estate offices.

From hiring new sales people, running sales meetings, getting listings of new apartment projects, mentoring new salespeople, selling properties and managing 14 salespeople, I started noticing physical changes such as face pimples, lowered libido and general lethargy.

I ignored the signs for another 3 months until one day, I crashed.

I resigned on the spot. I was burnt out. I knew I just had to stop.

I then resigned from my next job within 6 months due to severe anxiety feelings telling me to ‘get out’.

However, the real stress/anxiety event that changed my life came in 2006.

I interviewed for a job (a well-paying, high-pressure job) on a Monday.

On the Thursday at 11am, I was driving my car along a busy road and took a phone call from a friend.

About 5 seconds later I had a massive pounding in my chest.

I started gasping for breath while pushing myself back and up in my seat to somehow get it to stop.

I thought I was having a heart attack.

It lasted for maybe 8-10 seconds.

When it was over I had a layer of perspiration over any exposed skin and the tip of my tongue was numb.

What the hell was that?“, I thought.

I headed straight to the doctor and they connected me up to an ECG machine.


No signs of anything, all was normal.


But things were far from normal from that day onward.

And at 2pm that same day I was offered the job which I initially accepted, and 3 days later on the Sunday, I resigned so that I didn’t have to start work on the Monday.

4 Months Of Hell

The next 4 months were the hardest months of my life.

For the 4 months following what appeared to be a panic attack, I was experiencing up to 100 heart palpitations per day along with lightening shock feelings in my heart.

I literally felt like I could have died at any second (thousands of times).

One night I didn’t sleep at all, not even for a minute because I was having the feelings and thought “If I go to sleep, I won’t wake up“.

Two nights later, after taking two sleeping tablets to get to sleep, I woke up the next morning and vowed never to take sleeping tablets ever again.

And I’VE NEVER been to one doctor or taken one pharmaceutical drug to relieve or treat stress, burnout or anxiety.

“The Moment”

It wasn’t until December 2006, four months after the panic attack that I stumbled upon a technique in a personal development book that when I implemented it, changed my life.

In the 4 months prior to using the technique I could only work an average of 4 days per week, was experiencing dozens of heart palpitations along with lightening shock feelings in my heart.

After implementing the technique I had only 1 day off work over the next 6 months, reduced the heart palpitations to almost zero and completely eliminated the lightening shock feelings in my heart.

Work Stress And Anxiety ‘Toolbelt’

Since the work stress at age 24 and the panic attack at age 27, my journey with stress and anxiety has gone through peaks and troughs which has forced me to find or create multiple techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety.

This ‘toolbelt’ of strategies and techniques to manage stress and work anxiety has given me a level of mental and emotional freedom that I couldn’t have even imagined back in 2002 when I first started experiencing stress symptoms.

I can empathize with anyone suffering from work stress, burnout or work anxiety. I’ve been there, thousands of times over the past 18 years.

The difference is, I now have tools and techniques to call upon to change the way I feel in any given moment.

I can be feeling intense stress or anxiety in one moment, and less than 60 seconds later I’m able to replace those feelings with feelings of peace.

It’s an amazing sense of freedom to have and I’m now sharing my knowledge and skills with others so that they can create shifts in their mind, body and emotions just as quickly.

I look forward to discussing the opportunity to speak at your next conference or event.

Live Or Virtual Conference Themes, Topics And Ideas To Make Your Next Event a Success

Amazing events start with great conference themes that truly ‘speak’ to your audience (pun intended)… and what more relevant topic can you get than health.

Health is the single most important area of our life, yet it’s the least understood and the one we have the least amount of knowledge in as individuals.

Strange right?

This is why when we’re unwell, we just run to the doctor… because we simply don’t have the knowledge of what to do, whether it’s healing, management or more importantly, prevention.

For virtual event themes in 2023, what better gift can you give your audience than increased knowledge on how to prevent, manage or recover from a health problem; mental, physical or emotional.

Whether you’re organizing a business conference, leadership conference or a large convention, there’s not one person in the workforce today that can’t benefit from increased knowledge in the areas of health, stress management and mind-body well-being.

Transformation starts with education.

So for your next online conference or in-person event, considering a health-related topic as your conference theme can help transform the lives of your valued customers and quite literally, even save lives.

Here are some conference theme ideas involving health and well-being:

  • Healthy Habits, Healthy Life (Looking after your number one asset)
  • Mind-Management 101 (What they didn’t teach us at school)
  • Developing a Health-First Mindset (Prioritizing your prized-possession)
  • Feeling Good at Work (Even if you hate your job)
  • Thinking Clearly About Brain Health (Boost your brain brawn)
  • Fitness Over Fatness (Self-motivation and taking control through exercise)
  • Going On Strike Over Stress (Eliminating workplace stress for healthier employees)
  • Beating Burnout Before It Beats You (Derailing the burnout train, now)
  • Mindset as a Skillset (How can you actually change to the person you want to be?)
  • Technology and Health (Do they really go together?)
  • Mental Health Madness (What we’re doing wrong)
  • Self-Aware for Self-Care (How mental-selfies can change your life)
  • Resilience Resentment (What’s really preventing us from being stronger?)
  • Anxious About Anxiety (There’s only one way out)
  • Wellness Wealth (What does it really take to put your well-being first?)

Use these virtual event theme ideas to brainstorm further to come up with the perfect combination for your conference and audience to wow them and get them even more excited about next year’s event.

Whether you’re seeking one key speaker or several breakout session speakers, chat to Matt about your requirements.


Hire Matt as a Keynote Speaker

Looking for an expert speaker with a real-life stress survival story who can connect with your audience in a meaningful way, and not just provide ‘information’?

Would your audience love to receive practical, proven solutions for beating stress, burnout and anxiety so that they can feel calm at work, more resilient in uncertain times and improve their physical and mental well-being?

As a leading expert on stress management, burnout, health, mindset and wellness, Matt is a versatile speaker that can engage your audience in many different ways.

To find keynote or breakout speakers for conferences that live and breathe their passion can be difficult.

Matt has turned his greatest challenge into his lifestyle and his life’s work, and he’s on a mission to share his secrets.

Conference Speakers

Speaking Fees

Matt’s rates for speaking are under USD$5,000 per presentation + standard coach/economy travel and accommodation costs.

Price will vary depending on your specific requirements, speaking time and topics you’d like covered.

You can either choose an ‘off-the-shelf’ presentation or request a ‘customized’ presentation specifically for your audience, speaking time(s) and number of presentations required.

For online/virtual speaking engagements, only the speaking fee applies.

If you’d like Matt to present on several topics at the one conference, summit or event, please get in touch to discuss a rate.

To find keynote speakers under $5000 that are still actively working with clients and at the coal face of their industry can be challenging.

Matt is actively training and coaching clients and developing more strategies to overcome stress and achieve optimum health and well-being on a daily basis.

He looks forward to sharing his knowledge with your audience.

To book Matt as a keynote speaker for your next event, conference or function, please enter your details in the form below and Matt or one of his assistants will get back to you shortly…

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