Stress Management, Anxiety and Burnout Keynote Speaker, Matt Adams

If you’re looking for a stress management speaker or work related anxiety speaker for your event, conference or special function, Matt Adams delivers powerful presentations based on real-life suffering and healing from work stress and anxiety.

As a stress management speaker, trainer, consultant and coach, Matt speaks from the heart, from first hand experience and can deliver a keynote presentation on any of the following topics:

Work Related Stress Presentation Topics:

  • Work stress symptoms
  • Stress prevention in the workplace
  • Identifying job stress
  • Stress effects on the mind, body, emotions and spirit
  • Work stress to burnout
  • Job stress relief techniques
  • Stress and exercise
  • Stress and motivation
  • Stress management
  • Personality types and stress
  • How your values create stress
  • Stress and diet
  • Supplements for stress and stress management
  • Holistic care and solutions for job stress

Work Related Anxiety Presentation Topics:

  • Work related anxiety symptoms
  • Work anxiety prevention
  • Identifying anxiety at work
  • Anxiety effects on the mind, body, emotions and spirit
  • Work related anxiety relief techniques
  • Anxiety and exercise
  • Anxiety and motivation
  • Anxiety management
  • Personality types and anxiety
  • How your values create anxiety
  • Anxiety and diet
  • Supplements for anxiety and anxiety management
  • Holistic care and solutions for job anxiety

A Few Words From Matt…

(Note: If you’ve already read my Bio, you can skip down to the section titled ‘Stress, Burnout And Anxiety ‘Toolbelt’’)

My journey with stress started in 2002 at age 24 while I was managing two real estate offices.

From hiring new sales people, running sales meetings, getting listings of new apartment projects, mentoring new salespeople, selling properties and managing 14 salespeople, I starting noticing physical changes such as face pimples, lowered libido and general lethargy.

I ignored the signs for another 3 months until one day, I crashed.

I resigned on the spot. I was burnt out. I knew I just had to stop.

I then resigned from my next job within 6 months due to severe anxiety feelings telling me to ‘get out’.

Since these stress and anxiety experiences, I’ve only been able to work on average for 7 months in any one job since.

However, the real stress/anxiety event that changed my life came in 2006.

I interviewed for a job (a well-paying, high-pressure job) on a Monday.

On the Thursday at 11am, I was driving my car along a busy road and took a phone call from a friend. About 5 seconds later I had a massive pounding in my chest. I started gasping for breath while pushing myself back and up in my seat to somehow get it to stop. I thought I was having a heart attack.

It lasted for maybe 8-10 seconds. When it was over I had a layer of perspiration over any exposed skin and the tip of my tongue was numb.

What the hell was that?“, I thought.

I headed straight to the doctor and they hooked me up to an ECG machine.


No signs of anything, all was normal.


But things were far from normal from that day onward.

And at 2pm that same day I was offered the job which I initially accepted, and 3 days later on the Sunday, I resigned so that I didn’t have to start work on the Monday.

The panic attack happened while I was driving along a busy road and I couldn’t pull over

4 Months Of Hell

The next 4 months were the hardest months of my life.

For the 4 months following what appeared to be a panic attack, I was experiencing up to 100 heart palpitations per day along with lightening shock feelings in my heart intermittently throughout the day.

I literally felt like I could have died at any second (thousands of times).

One night I didn’t sleep at all, not even for a minute because I was having the feelings and thought “If I go to sleep, I won’t wake up“.

After taking two sleeping tablets two nights later to get to sleep, I woke up the next morning and vowed never to take sleeping tablets ever again.

And I’VE NEVER been to one doctor or taken one pharmaceutical drug to relieve or treat stress or anxiety.

“The Moment”

It wasn’t until December 2006, four months after the panic attack that I stumbled upon a technique in a personal development book that when I implemented it, changed my life.

In the 4 months prior to using the technique I could only work an average of 4 days per week, was experiencing dozens of heart palpitations along with lightening shock feelings in my heart.

After implementing the technique I had only 1 day off work over the next 6 months, reduced the heart palpitations to almost zero and completely eliminated the lightening shock feelings in my heart.

Work Stress And Anxiety ‘Toolbelt’

Since the work stress at age 24 and the panic attack at age 27, my journey with stress and anxiety has gone through peaks and troughs which has forced me to find or create multiple techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety.

This ‘toolbelt’ of strategies and techniques to manage work stress and work anxiety has given me a level of mental and emotional freedom that I couldn’t have even imagined back in 2002 when I first started experiencing stress symptoms.

I can empathise with anyone suffering from work stress or work anxiety. I’ve been there, thousands of times over the past 15 years.

The difference is, I now have tools and techniques to call upon to change the way I feel in any given moment.

I can be feeling intense stress or anxiety in one moment, and less than 60 seconds later I’m able to replace those feelings with feelings of peace.

It’s an amazing sense of freedom to have and I’m now sharing my knowledge and skills with others so that they can create shifts in their mind, body and emotions just as quickly.

I look forward to discussing the opportunity to speak at your next conference or event.

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