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Stress Management Expert Matt Adams

Stress Management Expert Matt Adams Delivering A Keynote Presentation

BEFORE You Hire A Stress Specialist: Comparing And Assessing To Find A True Expert

Before you work with an expert on stress management it’s essential to be able to properly compare and assess who’s an expert and who just has a title.

Because you don’t want to hire someone who just presents information, statistics and a list of mindfulness activities and expect yourself, your employees or your audience to be adequately equipped to prevent, manage or recover from stress or burnout.

You’ll need theory, practical tools and a proven pathway.

Stress Management Expert, Matt Adams

Stress Expert Matt Adams

Matt Adams is one of the top stress and burnout experts as a result of the debilitating stress, burnout and work-related anxiety he suffered at age 24 while managing two real estate sales offices.

Three years later at 27 he then suffered a life-altering panic attack which ended up seeing him working in a ladder factory.

He then embarked on a 10-month self-rehabilitation to get back to a white collar job in his field of expertise.

Experiencing up to 100 heart palpitations per day along with lightning-shock sensations in his heart, he was almost fired from the ladder factory due to taking too many sick days because of the death-feelings he was experiencing.

Read Matt’s full story here… (Link opens in a new window)

Matt now educates individuals and organizations in stress prevention, management, recovery and wellness so that they avoid the pain, suffering and life-changing experiences he did.

The 3 Types Of Stress Professionals

There are 3 types of stress advisors, presenters or consultants you’ll come across but only one of them has the true expertise to help you, teach you or advise you on effective stress prevention, management and recovery.

Because it’s not just about stress… it’s also about finding someone who’s an expert in personal and workplace wellness.

Stress avoidance is one goal, but the big picture is about mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Expert #1: They’re Educated About Stress

This first group of experts received a formal education or certification of some kind either on the general topic of psychology or the specific topic of stress management.

In other words, they ‘learned’ about stress.

These experts can usually be identified by their formal presentations as they typically provide data, statistics, symptoms, client case studies and list general mindfulness activities or therapies such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

Expert #2: They Survived Stress Through External Means

The second group of experts are those that suffered from stress and used one or more forms of external support in the form of medication or counseling/therapy to get through stress or burnout.

They now share their story, highs and lows and general advice.

Expert #3: They Survived Stress Through Lifestyle Hacking

The third group of experts survived stress and burnout by themselves through applying stress management techniques, strategies, exercises and lifestyle hacks.

They may have used supplements and practices such as mindfulness, meditation and other more specific anti-stress exercises.

They will have a toolbelt of proven techniques along with a predictable pathway anyone can follow to prevent, manage or recover from stress or burnout.

Now that you know the 3 types of stress/burnout experts, who do you think is the most qualified to truly educate, inform, advise and guide yourself, your employees or your audience?

The stress experts to work with are the ones with both the story and internal resources that they can authentically demonstrate to you, your employees or your audience.

Empowered with the right information and tools from such an expert, you’ll have:

  • Proven stress relief activities
  • Effective mindfulness exercises
  • The widest range of mental, emotional and physical stress management activities
  • A higher level understanding of the causes of stress and effective solutions
  • Workplace wellness solutions to increase productivity and performance
  • A full understanding of how diet, mindset and lifestyle influence stress and burnout

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Reasons For Seeking A Stress Practitioner

What’s your motivation for seeking out an authority in stress management?

  • I’m looking for a keynote speaker for an upcoming event
  • We’re an organization seeking a stress management consultant for advice
  • I’m an individual looking for 1-to-1 support, advice and guidance
  • I’m a Journalist, Writer or Blogger looking for a comment for a story/article I’m writing

Prioritizing Wellness To Become A Stress-Resilient Workplace

A recent survey revealed that 79% of employees believed their organization’s wellness programs helped improve their productivity.

And with wellness being the absence of stress; educating yourself, your employees or your audience about the negative consequences of stress is essential in the modern world with stressors coming at us from every direction.

Receiving information and advice from a true expert to reduce or eliminate the effects of stress is as important as knowing how to eat healthy to maintain your physical health.

After all, stress management skills are a necessity for modern day survival… mental, physical and emotional.