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Stress Management Keynote Speaker Matt Adams

Stress Management Speaker Matt Adams Delivering A Keynote Presentation

Choosing An Authentic Stress Management And Burnout Expert To Speak At Your Next Event, Conference Or Summit (In-Person Or Virtual)

Stress Management Speaker Matt Adams

Written by Stress Speaker, Matt Adams

Finding a credible and authentic stress management expert or burnout specialist for a keynote speech at your next summit, event or conference can be challenging.

Because it’s not just about hiring a speaker who promotes themselves as a stress management guru, it’s about hiring someone who is a credible expert for your audience.

And with the right speaker on stress management presenting at your event, your audience will get the right information, practical advice and techniques that can help them prevent, manage or recover from stress, burnout or anxiety.

Stress Management Keynote Speaker, Matt Adams

Stress Management Speaker Matt Adams

For a knowledgeable, engaging and authentic stress management and burnout expert for your upcoming event, Matt Adams can deliver a presentation that hits the mark with your audience.

Matt is a stress and burnout survivor turned expert, offering training and speaking on stress management, workplace burnout and work-related anxiety.

His expertise covers all aspects of stress, from prevention and management to recovery.

Read Matt’s incredible stress survival story on his Bio page where he shares his experiences of daily heart palpitations and a severe panic attack through to a 10-month self-rehab and bounce-back struggles.

Matt has presented for conferences, corporations, industry groups and various sized companies either in-person or virtual in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia.

How To Choose A Stress Management Speaker [2 Questions]

What additional criteria should you use to assess stress and burnout experts?

Here are 2 additional questions to ask yourself…

How many and what range of techniques and strategies can they share with your audience?

Preventing, managing or recovering from stress, burnout or anxiety is all about practicality, and not about intellectual understanding or analysis of what stress is and how it affects the brain and body.

Without practical techniques, strategies, activities or exercises, it’s impossible to prevent, manage or recover from stress and burnout.

Make it a priority to give your audience the practical tools they can use to help themselves… so that they won’t have to resort to expensive treatments to deal with, prevent or overcome stress.

Of course, if you’re an organization wanting to educate your management team about stress and burnout in the workplace; a more high-level overview, strategy and plan is needed, and this can be delivered by an expert workplace stress speaker.

How relatable are they to your audience?

Relatability is perhaps the most important factor for your audience in either tuning-in or tuning-out of a stress speaker’s presentation.

For maximum relatability…

  • Is the speaker in a similar age bracket as my audience, or were they in a similar age bracket when they experienced severe stress, burnout or anxiety?
  • Does the speaker look believable with regard to health and well-being? Will they be believable for your audience?
  • Does their story act as a warning of what not to do? Will it provide hope or inspiration for your audience to trigger your audience or employees to make changes?

The 3 Types Of Stress Management Speakers

In order to choose the right stress specialist for your speaking engagement, you’ll need to know about the three different types of speakers.

Let’s discover the 3 types…

Speaker Type #1: They ‘Learned’ About Stress Or Burnout

Many speakers self-label themselves as stress experts due to having a qualification of some kind.

They may have a degree or a certification from a public institution or private company.

They are able to educate your audience with data and statistics about the dangers of stress or burnout and list symptoms to watch out for, but they are unlikely to be able to teach or demonstrate how to prevent, manage or recover from stress, burnout or anxiety.

Without the speaker having personally suffered and survived stress, or be able to provide practical stress solutions, they may not be able to connect with or impact your audience.

Speaker Type #2: They Got Through Stress And Burnout Using External Means

The second speaker is one who got through stress using external means or support in the form of medication, therapy, counseling, etc.

And with the passing of time, they were able to get through it.

Now self-labeling as stress management ‘experts’, these speakers will share their emotional story but likely won’t be able to provide your audience with what they truly need, which is ‘how to’ prevent, manage and either overcome or recover from stress.

Speaker Type #3: They Survived Stress And Burnout Using Techniques, Strategies And Lifestyle Changes

A stress expert who’s overcome stress, burnout and anxiety through the implementation of new lifestyle habits, techniques and strategies has the authenticity, knowledge, mindset and tools to impact your audience intellectually and emotionally.

And having a motivational speaker on stress management share their survival story and the techniques, exercises and lifestyle changes they used to overcome stress, will help make their speech a meaningful one.

… and therefore one that your audience is more likely to remember, act upon and talk about.

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Topic Ideas For Your Event, Conference Or Summit

Coming up with a theme and ideas for either a conference, summit or event can be as challenging as finding the right stress or burnout speaker to present to your audience.

Here are some potential themes and topic ideas for your event:

  • Workplace Stress
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Mindfulness
  • Job/Career Burnout Prevention
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Workplace Communication
  • Remote Work And Stress
  • Stress Management For Managers
  • Self Care/Self-Management
  • Supplements For Stress And Burnout
  • Mental Health And Well-Being
  • Exercise And Stress
  • Stress And Burnout Busting Techniques, Strategies, Activities & Exercises
  • Time Management
  • Workload Management
  • Stress Causes & Prevention
  • Burnout Causes & Prevention
  • Building Resilience

Whether you’re in stress and burnout prone industries such as healthcare, education, legal, real estate, tech or otherwise… these are just a few ideas that may prompt ideas or inspiration for your upcoming event.

If you’d like to discuss further options, you can book a call here.