Zero Stress Workday: Online Course

Zero Stress Workday Stress Management Course

Are you dealing with stress at work; unrealistic deadlines, a never-ending inbox, a difficult boss, co-workers or office politics?

Or are you worried about company performance, personal performance or how the economy could affect your job?

Stressors from life, work and other people will never stop… which is why we need to equip ourselves with the tools to self-manage and become resilient to stress.

Without the tools, high-stress workdays can easily turn into burnout, which can creep up on you subtly.

This course is for you if you’ve had enough.

You’ve had enough of feeling stressed out, anxious, pressured and sacrificing your true self to please or appease other people.

You’ve had enough of dreading work, of spending your Sunday thinking about Monday and feeling like your job, career or life has lost meaning.

You’ve had enough of petty office politics, an unrealistic boss, unfriendly co-workers or ungrateful customers.

And you’ve had enough of just feeling stressed at work every day.

Enough’s enough.

With Zero Stress Workday

You’ll learn how to easily dissolve stress, reduce overwhelm, release anxiety, stand up for yourself more and feel more in control of your day, your job and your career.

With simple strategies, new ideas, new perspectives and new ways to work stress-free, you’ll feel renewed, re-energized and back to you old self in no time.

Your Zero Stress Workday starts TODAY…

Course Summary:

Zero Stress Workday is a stress management course for office-workers showing you how to reduce stress and optimize your office workday between 8am-6pm using simple at-work techniques and strategies that take anywhere from 30 seconds to 7 minutes.

You’ll know how to dissolve stress feelings quickly and feel in control of your day, minute-to-minute.

You’ll Discover:

  • The REAL cause of your stress and why it’s so hard to get past it (But now you’ll have the secret so you can fix it quickly)

  • How to beat stress, burnout and anxiety without quitting your job (I show you the baby-steps that make it easier and more predictable so you don’t need ‘motivation’)

  • How to release your past stress experiences so you can confidently move forward with your day, week and year ahead

  • The top techniques, strategies, activities, exercises and habits I used to beat stress (Without medication, doctors, therapists or counselors)

  • My 3 top supplements for reducing stress feelings and feel better at work (As well as boosting your immune system and preventing premature aging)

  • How to be less ‘triggered’ by other people and stressful situations, perform better in your job and feel more engaged in your work

  • What to say to yourself to reduce overwhelm and anxiety within seconds (Literally)

  • The best (and fastest) technique that stops stress in its tracks in under 60 seconds

  • The at-your-desk technique that puts you back in control of your mind in under 30 seconds (Ridiculously simple, zero effort required)

  • A $69 product that can make you feel completely grounded and calm while you work (No effort on your part)

  • 3 time management techniques that will have you as organized as a librarian

  • The one ‘fact’ about people that will melt away any frustration or anger towards your boss, coworkers or clients

  • Why ‘resistance’ is probably your biggest stressor at work (And what to do about it)

  • The top 6 personality traits that create unnecessary stress at work

  • The 4 personality types and how your’s and other’s create stress and conflict in the workplace

  • Insecurities and stress at work – how to undo your ‘flaws’ that are holding you back at work (And possibly outside of work too)

  • How to stand up for yourself more so you feel less stressed by superiors and bossy coworkers and customers

  • Are you ‘too nice’ at work and stressed because of it? …No more Mr Nice Guy/Miss Nice Girl

  • The 3 physical stressors damaging your eyes and brain. These ‘silent stressors’ quietly undermine your eye and brain health.

  • Is work stress keeping you up at night, or waking you up at night? What to do about it.

  • A calming technique you can do in a boardroom meeting or zoom meeting, and no one will know

  • A 7 minute lunch-break exercise that releases morning stress and sets you up for a calm afternoon in the office

  • What to put in front of your desk to de-stress yourself in less than 60 seconds

  • What to eat at work to reduce stress on your brain and body (Don’t let food bring you down at work)

  • What NOT to eat at work that’s adding to your brain and body’s ‘toxic load’ (One in particular is linked to Dementia and Alzheimers)

  • Is coffee a ‘non negotiable’ for you? That’s ok… drink this one that I drink to reduce common chemicals in coffee

  • The ONE thing you mustn’t consume if you want to reduce stress and anxiety feelings (It causes premature aging too)

  • 2 foods to avoid to improve your digestion and elimination (Goodbye brain fog)

  • How to protect your cells at work from the harmful effects of WIFI (Especially 5G)

  • What to do if you feel ‘depressed’ at work. Quick 15 second technique that ‘interrupts’ depression feelings

Course Modules:


  • What Holds People Back From Beating Stress?
  • The Fastest Way To Become Resilient To Stress And Burnout
  • Halfway Words
  • The 5-Minute Mindset


Module 1: Anti-Stress Mindset At Work

  • Foundations Of A Stress-Free Mind
  • Stop Your Mind From Working Against You At Work
  • Get To ‘Resilient Mind’ Quickly

Module 2: Food And Work Stress

  • Vices And Stress
  • Silent Killers In Foods
  • Brain Optimization Using Food
  • How To Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Module 3: Stress From Other People

  • Dealing With a ‘Bad’ Boss Or Management
  • Handling Difficult Coworkers Or Customers
  • Office Politics And Stress

Module 4: Job Role, Responsibilities And Stress

  • Stop Job Creep And Job Hate
  • Workload Optimization To Avoid Overwhelm
  • Solutions For Long Hours At Work
  • Deadlines That Can’t ‘Kill’

Module 5: Movement At Work

  • Solutions To Sedentary Jobs
  • ‘Cigarette Breaks’ Without Smoking
  • ‘Standing Up’ For Yourself

Module 6: Technology And Stress At Work

  • Shielding Your Brain And Body
  • Screen Time And Screen Optimization
  • Smartphone Mindfulness

Module 7: Work Environment Optimization

  • Stress-Free Personal Space
  • Easy Desk Optimization
  • Crucial Physical Stressors To Prevent

Module 8: Your Inner World At Work

  • Personality Types: The 4 Types
  • Perfectionism And Burnout
  • Insecurities And Stress
  • Criticism and Judgement
  • Processing Opinions of Others
  • Must-Do Self-Care
  • Personal Sensitivities And Stress
  • Expectations That Create Stress
  • Beliefs and Values Undermining Mental Health At Work
  • Self-Communication: Make Or Break Yourself
  • Self-Esteem And Stress
  • Self-Image For Happiness At Work
  • Self-Worth Upgrades

Resources Included:


Demonstration Videos

Wall Posters


Optional Extras:

Community Stress Support Forum:

  • Get Ongoing Support, Advice And Guidance, 24/7/365
  • Read Stories Of Others Experiencing Stress And Burnout
  • Get And Give Support, Encouragement And A Friendly-Ear
  • Remain Completely Anonymous So You Can Speak Freely, Vent And Get The Advice You Need

Meet The Course Creator: Matt Adams

Matt Adams Stress Management Course Creator

Matt Adams is a stress and burnout survivor turned expert after suffering severe stress and burnout at 24 while managing two real estate sales offices.

Then at 27 he suffered a life-altering work-related anxiety attack which resulted in him experiencing up to 100 heart palpitations per day along with lightning-shock sensations in his heart.

These experiences forced him to embark on a 10-month self-rehabilitation to get him back to a point where he was able to return to full-time work in his area of expertise.

Read Matt’s full story (Link opens in a new window)


Course Details:

Who’s It For?  Office-based workers who would like to reduce stress and feel calm at the office.

What’s The Delivery Method?  Online Videos.

What’s The Course Format?  Pre-Recorded, Self-Paced Training Videos.
(My daily email reminders will keep you motivated and up-to-date with the training)

How Long Is The Course? There are approximately 50 short videos, anywhere from 1 minute up to around 10 minutes, sometimes more. I’ve deliberately made the videos as short and as digestible as possible to keep the course interesting and engaging.

What Much Is The Course? USD$498 for lifetime access

The Process:

  • Apply to take the course using the form below…
  • If approved, Matt will send you a payment link
  • Once paid, you’ll be given access to the course content.


How long does it take to complete the course?

It can take as long or as short as you like as the course is self-paced.

However, there are around 50 training videos varying in length from a few minutes up to 10 minutes plus. If you could set aside one whole day, 8 hours, you’ll be able to complete the course.

However, implementation of the information, advice and techniques is best to be done slowly so that you get the most out of the course.

It’s best to plan to complete the course over a 15-30 day period.

Will the course show me what to do before or after work to reduce stress?

No, this particular course is dedicated solely to workday/business hours (8am-6pm) anti-stress strategies and techniques for office-workers.

Matt’s other courses show you how to reduce stress before or after work.

Is this course suitable if I work from home, and not a company office?

You could, however, Matt has another course coming that is dedicated solely to reducing stress while working remotely from home.

How long does it take for the techniques or strategies to work?

It depends on the technique or strategy. Some will take 30 seconds and change your feelings instantly, others will take several minutes and you’ll notice stress-feelings reduce within hours or days.

Matt has included techniques and strategies for reducing stress in the short, medium and long term.

Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?

We’ll be adding a test/quiz at some point to allow you and us to assess your knowledge and skill level, after which point we’ll be in a position to provide a formal certificate of completion.

How To Get Started:

Step 1:  Apply to take the course by filling out the form below…
Step 2: Matt will review and either approve or deny your application
Step 3: If approved, you’ll be sent a link to pay for your course, and once paid, you’ll be given access details.

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